FHA Regulations Push Appraisers into Home Inspecting Territory

- That’s where buyers can get into trouble. From their perspective, it doesn’t make sense to pay for the same service twice. . An appraisal is required for virtually all financed home purchases, especially those that go through FHA. But some lenders outside the FHA net don’t require an inspection. Appraisers only inspect a few systems, and that report is created for the lender, not the buyer. From yours, there’s a clear difference. If they believe that a thorough inspection is included with an appraisal, numerous home defects will inherently go overlooked and buyers will get burned ..More

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New Avenue for Revenue: Rental Home Inspections

- There’s quite a bit of leverage involved with a poor pre-sale inspection, as the owner wants the property to sell. . Before a rental agreement is signed, a poor inspection gives the landlord the opportunity to make repairs. But prospective tenants shouldn’t hold their breath. With a rental, the motivation might be lacking, and the report carries no authority to force any necessary repairs ..More

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Thought Leaders Series: Meeting State Assisted Living Regulations

- . Home inspection is a complex and skill oriented field that appeals to a lot of people. With proper training, the right skills and dedication, anyone can become a competent home inspector ..More

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5 Important Facts About Radon

- One of the six noble gases, radon is a chemically inert radioactive gas that carries with it a known cancer risk. And although it’s abundant in nature, there are few widespread uses for it. It’s a natural byproduct of decaying radium. . That might be ironic, considering that radon was once used to treat certain cancers ..More

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6 Reasons Why Condos Need Home Inspections

- Another common condo defect that StructureTech finds is a prevalence of extension cords, even for plugging in major appliances. And that’s a fire hazard. . Where electrical outlet access isn’t up to current code, condo owners are likely to use extension cords to bridge the gap ..More

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