How to Branch Out of Your Home and Into a New Home Inspection Office

- A home office is a great setup that saves you money in those important early years. . But there might come a point where you need a little more space. But if you’ve outgrown the kitchen table or just want a more professional location, here’s how to find and set up a great home inspection office for the first time. If you’re like most home inspectors, you began your career working from a home office ..More

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New Avenue for Revenue: Rental Home Inspections

- And some might require no formal agreement at all. . Some are very strict. Likewise, a new tenant walk-through inspection varies, depending on how important the condition of the rental home is to the renter. Rental agreements vary from one state to the next and by which guidelines a landlord wants to follow ..More

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A Grandfathered Hazard is Still a Hazard

- Being grandfathered in means that no matter how code changed and improved over time, the home was protected against enforced upgrades. The legality of anything from the flooring materials to the electrical wiring p[lays second fiddle to whether or not it’s safe. But legal doesn’t equal safe if a staircase is too steep or the balusters are too far apart. ..More

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Green Inspections Earn More Green for Your Wallet

- More and more, eco-friendly materials and practices are becoming the way that things are done, especially with regard to the energy efficiency of homes. The so-called green movement isn’t really an outlier anymore. As a certified home inspector, you’re uniquely positioned to add the valuable skill set of green inspections to your arsenal. . And as a result, you could grow your business in ways that you might not have expected before ..More

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Foreclosure Sabotage: Home Inspector Concerns When Owners Take Revenge

- You never know what you’ll find. But there’s a lot more to every story than just a reduced price and quick sale. There was a time when buyers looked at foreclosures as a great deal. A foreclosure happens because the previous owner’s mortgage went into default. . Hard feelings are a natural, if unfortunate, course, and a trashed house isn’t as uncommon as it once might have been ..More

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