The Internet of Things Turns Ordinary Houses Into Smart Homes

- Amazon Echo is a smart home hub that can play music, adjust lighting, control HVAC, play an audiobook and much more. . And as far back as 2014, Consumer Reports explained that the IOT had expanded to include smoke detectors, kitchen appliances, washers and dryers, alarm systems and exterior door locks. In addition to smart thermostats, and there are others besides Nest, homeowners have several smart home gadgets to consider. Now you can turn off the coffee pot from work if you forgot about it, and unlock the front door hands-free ..More

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More States Calling for Home Inspector Licensing

- And it cuts into your bottom line, too. And that’s a genuine shame. All that it takes is one bad report in your area to make customers far and wide think twice about hiring a home inspector. . When customers opt out of having a home inspection, they put themselves at risk of buying a money pit or even a home that’s dangerous to live in ..More

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Indoor Air Quality: What it is and Why it Matters

- If there are air quality hazards present, their levels might be higher if there’s little ventilation or the vents are blocked by anything from a bird nest to overzealous attic insulation. The ventilation in a home is what allows it to breathe. ..More

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Watch Your Head: How a Slight Injury Could Spell Big Trouble for Home Inspectors

- But an impact on any part could create a jostle inside the skull that breaks a blood vessel. Other signs include dizziness, confusion, loss of coordination, or simply not feeling “right. Any sustained headache, even a very low-grade ache that doesn’t ease up, is a reason to seek medical attention right away. Some parts of the skull, such as the temple, are especially vulnerable. . Head injuries are nothing to ignore. ” ..More

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6 Reasons Why Condos Need Home Inspections

- Aluminum wire is a known fire hazard that needs to be updated. And homeowners can’t usually tell on their own just by checking the breaker box. Older condos might also have aluminum if the unit was updated inside that time period. . If the condo was built between 1965 and 1972, chances are it was wired with aluminum instead of copper ..More

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